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Fostering good leadership in local governance systems

Fostering good leadership in local governance systems

Good leadership is a crucial part of our local governance systems since it involves paying heed to citizens’ expectations, facilitating and sustaining citizen engagement, developing, nurturing and sustaining the spirit of the community, partnership and collaboration among residents.

This applies to policy makers, council management and ward leaders in ensuring that local authorities perform in their mandate to deliver basic public services and to design and implement policies, that are critically important to the country’s efforts to achieve its sustainable development goals.

Gweru Residents and Ratepayers Association (GRRA)’s leadership training workshop at YWCA saw
councillors and ward leaders in their respective communities meet, to be capacitated by a leadership expert, Charles Nyamapanzi.

Councillor Catherine Mhondiwa of ward 13 said the leadership training workshop was key in bringing out the full potential of local leaders to build strong institutions.

She added that, civic engagements and participations are critical components in the advancement of democratic societies, which promotes a sense of ownership among residents.

“We have learned a lot on how to lead people in our respective communities. This unlocks the potential that has been locked inside leaders. It is important for such traits from leaders to be shown in their communities so that it fosters development in communities,” she said.

Cllr Mhondiwa further noted that, a leader must be humble as they work, with residents to improve service delivery in the city.

“As a leader, I have learnt that you must set goals and objectives. You must be humble with the ability to work with your community,” she stated. 

At the same workshop, Councillor Jefita Zvidzai of ward 12, said GRRA should continue in their good works of enhancing councillors’ skills to create effective policies.

He said facilitation and sustenance of citizen engagement is important towards the building of strong communities.  

“We thank GRRA for enhancing councillors’ skills in relation to their communities. As a leader, I have learned that people need to be engaged to promote democracy,”

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