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Gweru residents step up fight against litter

Gweru residents step up fight against litter

Armed with bags, gloves, masks, hoes and a strong sense of purpose, around 12 men and women got to work cleaning the streets of Mkoba 3, as part of a the safe cities campaign of promoting a clean environment for residents.

Ward 11 residents committee sacrificed their time to clear rubbish and raise awareness as part of building the foundation for achieving a step change in our environment stewardship.

This is improving the physical appearance of their surrounding as well as fostering a sense of community and pride among the residents.

Moses Chikwadzi said “Every piece of trash that is on the ground in our community should be taken away and be recycled and deposited in a landfill. Clean-ups should be a habit inorder to create safe cities.”

Chikwadzi has also implemented skills he learned through Gweru City Council by educating community residents on false information through. He says, “Along with my other peers, I’m posting daily on our WhatApp group, and I’m using my profile to share tips to help people improve the general cleanliness during this time.”

The initiative supported Mkoba residents during a challenging time and, thanks to GRRA’s safe cities campaign of creating healthy communities.

Through Chikwadzi, gained connections and skills that have helped strengthen the initiatives.

“From my time attending GCC workshops with councillors and council management officials, I now have a strong network that, I can reach out to with these initiatives. GCC’s campaigns and advocacy meetings have educated and informed us as residents to take a leading role in the improving service delivery.”

Recently, ‘Hutano Hupenyu’, a cleaning group that organizes regular clean-ups, got more than 50 people to tackle rubbish in Ascot Infill.

They are already made strides in creating healthy communities since medication is very unaffordable and the health system in the country is in a deplorable state

Gweru Residents and Ratepayers Association (GRRA) Executive Director Cornilia Selipiwe said council need to encourage residents in a storm clean-up campaign as part of the nation’s vision to create environments.

He said involving residents in council projects not only empowers the community, but saves funds.

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