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Residents associations have given Gweru City Council an ultimatum to act on a committee of inquiry report which was recently released.

In a joint press conference, fuming residents’ associations Director for Gweru Residents and Ratepayers Association (GRRA) Cornllia Selipiwe and Gweru United Progressive Residents and Development Association (GUPRADA) Chairperson Pastor David Chikore vowed to take to the streets if the GCC Accounting Officer Elizabeth Gwatipedza fails to take action in a stipulated time set by the city fathers.

Selipiwe said the name of the city has been tarnished by gross mismanagement.

“A lot of things have been happening that brought the name of the city into disrepute.

There are a lot of rot allegations against the management which need to be cleared,” said Selipiwe.

A lot of allegations are now pinning GCC that include the disappearance of $1million which was meant to purchase water pumps as part of the efforts to solve the water crisis.

According to an internal report released on 23 July there is no record of what the money was used for yet the residents are demanding some fruitful answers.

“Council received $1million from Zinwa in 2017 which was supposed to be used for pumps and there is no trace of what the money was used for,” reads the report.

Selipiwe added that, what is worrying is the lack of communication that is currently taking within the city council.

“As a city that is hosting national youth games, we should be discussing that probable in the sense of business networking but we have diverted and the focus is now on the report that was compiled by councillors.

”A report that is so nasty and dangerous to us as citizens, it is now difficult to mobilise the residents to pay their rates when corruption is taking place,” added Selipiwe.

If the council fails to act within the stipulated time residents have promised that they will go to GCC in their numbers to demand for some answers.

GRRA and GUPRADA has been on the war path with council management accusing it of gross mismanagement of funds and corruption while calling for the Town Clerk to suspend the director of engineering services for misleading residents on the current water situation in the city.

Source: The Sun

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