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Gweru Residents and Ratepayers Association (GRRA) recently organised a service delivery forum at YWCA Hall incorporation with Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission Distribution Company’s (ZETDC) for residents of Mkoba on matters involving new electricity tariffs, vandalism and load shedding.

ZETDC Southern Region Marketing Officer, Edward Nyoni said residents should desist from vandalising company property inorder for residents to access quality electricity supply.

“Our mandate as ZETDC is to make customers happy by supplying residents with electricity hence consumers are also encouraged to protect ZETDC property in order to get maximum efficiency,” said Mr Nyoni.

“There is a very high number of people stealing transformers oil as well as copper wires, so residents should be watchdogs and be responsible by reporting such crimes because this in the long run affects you residents through load sharing,” added Mr Nyoni.

He added that, residents must be cautious in the rainy season since, casualty rate is high.  

“We are urging residents to be extremely cautious this coming rainy season by avoiding naked circuits as these may cause deaths or trigger fires,” said Mr Nyoni.

Residents complained over the issue of ZETDC agents charging an extra amount when purchasing ZETDC tokens.

“We have local shops that charge an extra amount. At doctor Toyo shops one is required to pay an extra 5 dollars,“ said Monica Murandu.

Ms Auxilia Munodawafa a resident from Mkoba praised GRRA for calling ZETDC to engage with local residents to clarify on their tarrifs as well as reflect on the role of residents in saving electricity.

At the same meeting, residents stated that, Gweru City Council should be clear, when issuing payment plans.

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