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Office No. PD40, First Floor , CAIPF/Telone Building, Gweru, Zimbabwe
Gweru Residents and Ratepayers Association (GRRA) is mandated to Involve all residents in the budgeting process. By openly inviting residents to participate in the budgeting process, policy-makers can improve their cooperation from the electorate when introducing crucial policy. Moreover, our Association enables policy-makers with a preview of how the public might react to more controversial budget choices and protect them from the backlash that invariably results from unpopular decisions. Our citizen participation processes are both educative about the important policy decisions and empower diverse stakeholder groups in our respective 14 wards without the funds necessary to put pressure on policy-makers through lobbying. Our Association offers residents a sense of empowerment by advocating and lobbying for education and training, participatory governance, social inclusion and appreciation. Our vision, mission and core values are in line with the supreme law of the country. Section 14 of the Zimbabwe Constitution Amendment (No. 20) Sub-section (1) of 2013, states that all institutions and agencies of government at every level must endeavour to facilitate and take appropriate measures to empower through appropriate, transparent, fair and just affirmative action for marginalized persons, groups and communities in Zimbabwe. Section 9 recognises good governance as another pillar of the welfare of its citizens.

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