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Office No. PD40, First Floor , CAIPF/Telone Building, Gweru, Zimbabwe
Citizen Accountability Indabas is one of our key emerging approach in the participatory approach to developmental discourse, in a bid to address socioeconomic inequalities in our city. Good governance is also a major component of this approach shown that there is correlation between an effective governance system and the level of socioeconomic development in Gweru. Our Citizen Accountability Indabas have placed residents at the epi-centre of service delivery especially in relation to the decision-making process and oversight on our local authority (Gweru City Council) policies. Our residents scrutinize on issues to do with social services, such as health, housing, water, sanitation, road maintenance etc. In this equation, the local authority has an obligation to provide basic human needs to its residents since they have a right to demand answers from councillors and council management in the manner the afore-mentioned social services are provided. The approach emphasizes direct engagement between the councillors and residents in policy decision-making through a broad range of actions and mechanisms that promote dialogue. Our Indabas seek to create the following: 1. A practical platform for meaningful participation amongst residents, civic society groups and council. 2. Constructive participation to enhance confidence within communities in their ability to play an impactful role to improve council accountability and service delivery. 3. Improve the oversight role of residents and civic societies as intermediators in the city.

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