Gweru Residents and Ratepayers Association (GRRA) is considerably increasing its membership base every month due to the results we produce when representing residents as well as the real voice within the Association’s structures, with key decisions being made by members.

Our members have developed shared Association interests on advocating and lobbying for accountability, inclusivity, transparency and constitutionalism issues that will bring forth quality service delivery in the city.

Our membership has been open to any interested persons of 16 years old and above and institutions who continue to meet the set requirements.

Currently our Association has been gender responsive since it has inclusively recruited youths and women as part of our mission to empower them to be fully aware of their rights to sustainably develop Gweru.

By creating continuous and vibrant engagements for all people of Gweru, we have been identified by International non-governmental organisations, civil societies and government as one of the most vibrant and active residents’ associations in the country.

It should be noted that, our Association has not been affiliated to any political party in the country or beyond borders, nor was created to discuss politics but to discuss service delivery issues such as water and power supply, refuse collection, road construction and maintenance.

The goals and objectives of the Association have never deviated which include developing an efficient and principled Association, demanding for the provision of quality municipal services, civil education on policy formulation and any other monitoring mechanisms, democratic engagements in the affairs of Gweru local authority and promotion of sustainable urban environment management.